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Five ways to use ice cream for sunburn treatment to acne, summer skin care

Summer is incomplete without an ice cube Ice cube can do more than cool your drinks Ice pack will help treat acne
This year is also this year. Kada and warm soup are all ready to cool down the sherbet filled with chilled ice. Once in a while, I remember that the ice has not gone because one of the only summer jobs was supplementing ice. Thinking about that, it was a really important job. It is difficult to imagine a summer without ice. From simple ice cream to the water, or the pleasure of fruits and herbs, summer ice cubes are a must for all families. Did you know that these little ice can do more than cool your drink? You can also become one of the best companions for summer skin care. They can help reduce pimples, sunburn, inflammation of the skin and blood circulation. Even cocoa milk and cucumber ice cubes can remove the horny skin. Were you surprised? So you can use this multipurpose, affordable skin care product for everything you need for your beauty.

1. Reduce acne and acne

It can not be refined as a cosmetic wrap to use on your laxative skin, but ice cubes can also be very effective if given a chance. Acne is caused by excessive petroleum production of sebaceous glands, resulting in occlusion of hair follicles. Ice can not completely cure your acne, but it certainly helps to shrink or compress the size. This ice helps to chill inflamed skin that burst into this annoying button. Be sure to consult a dermatologist before starting treatment. If your skin is sensitive, ice massage can enhance bacterial effect.
Usage: Wash your face and dry it with a towel. Take a clean paper towel and put in an ice cube. Just place the towel on acne for about 1 minute. Repeat this process after 5 minutes. If you are using essential oils, drop a drop in a towel filled with ice and repeat the process. Be sure to take a break.
Acne ice cream helps to chill inflamed skin
2. Sunburn

In summer the sun will be one of your biggest enemies. If you are under the sun for a long time, it may lead to sunburn and sunburn. Exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays can penetrate the skin and damage skin cells. You can use aloe vera juice or cucumber ice cube to relieve sunburn pain. According to a book by Virtual Rud’s “Ayurveda Home Remedies”, Aloe vera is often called a “fuel factory”, suggesting that its natural character can cure sunburn. Plant leaves relieve inflammation, relieve inflammation of the skin, and relieve inflammation. Water ice cube is also not a bad choice. Its cooling properties absorb the heat of the skin and help to soften the sunburned area. Regular application of normal pressure compression is known to be very effective.

How to use: Ice cube performs fresh compression. Wash your face and wipe it with a towel. Please put the towel on the affected area until the ice melts.

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Ice cube
We know that the regular use of cold compression for sunscreens is very effective
3. Peel off the skin

Ice cubes are also a wise way to strip your skin. Skin removal removes dead skin cells from the surface of the epidermis. Ice cubes can be made to get better results. Instead, when the water pours the gel with milk, with an ice bowl. Blueberries and cucumbers can also be added to each block. Your ice cube is ready. Please gently apply these cubes to your face. Lactic acid in milk removes dead skin cells and gives peeled skin. Antioxidants in blueberries and cucumber help to lift your face.

Application: Take a towel, add cubes of milk and give slight pressure to your skin. Please gently massage your skin with ice until the ice cube melts. Massage well with water and wash your face.

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Cube milk
Ice cube is a wise way to strip your skin
4. Reduce skin fat
Fight against the suffering of oily skin? Please give a fresh and refreshing ice cube a chance. Using ice, the secretion of skin oil is checked and there is no time on fresh skin without oil.

How to use: After washing your face, wash your face with a paper cloth or paper ice wrapped in a towel. After decreasing, it is necessary to paint a little moisture. Please try mint ice cube to make it even more fresh. Pour water into the ice cube tray and place the mint leaf in each block. Your mint cube is ready.

Healthy skin
Remove greasy skin with mint ice cube
5. Swollen eyes

Did you work overtime? Are you tired too, do you look heavy? The calf eye can be one of the greatest spells of today’s busy city life. Ice cube is probably the cheapest and most practical solution for the same purpose. In the opinion of inflamed skin beauty experts, all types of cold compression are effective treatments. You can apply water-based ice, milk, or antioxidant green tea and apply it around the eye ball. But be careful not to put too much around your eyes. Using frozen ice directly from the refrigerator may not be the best solution for sensitive skin. It may adhere to the skin and cause pain.

Usage: Wash your face and dry it with a towel. Please wrap the ice cube in a paper towel and gently press the cube on your eyes for a short time. Continue the process for about 10 minutes and dry the face with a towel. Please show me a new figure on your face.
Cube milk
Ice cube is the cheapest and convenient solution for swollen eyes

So, what are you waiting for? Please take out your ice skin, freeze the quick cube and use it on your skin this summer.

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