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Mondar for skin and hair: 6 amazing homemade gram face and hair wrap

Moong Dal contains vitamin C which has antioxidant action and anti-aging action. The face pack of Moondahl is used to remove sunburn and lighten the skin. Moong Dal hair lap can clean the scalp and promote hair growth.
Moong Dal is a very common lens found in many Indian homes. It is very nutritious and is a very good source of vegetable protein that the vegetarian swears. Yellow Dal and Chawal are still on the list of comfortable food for many Indians. Dal is currently gaining international reputation. Many Westerners warm up to make cereals, germinate the salad malt and green grams, and use it in a dry form. As more and more people around the world become vegetarians and vegetarians, lentils hamburgers are getting more and more important. But do you know that your beloved Mong Dahl can also be used to beautify your skin, especially your face? Moong dal’s face pack is also used as a home remedy for wounds, dry skin, sunburn, acne, and also as a simple hair removal. Because Dal Face Packs does not have to go on a regular business trip to the show, it’s easy to create, cost-effective and save a lot of time. Moong dal is a very powerful beauty ingredient. Vitamin A and C are included. This gives the face natural sparkle, you can arrange your hair and reduce damage. Moong Dal can be used with both green and yellow avatars. The green moon is the whole moon and the yellow moon is obtained by removing the outer shell.
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How to use moong dal on face rap and hair:
1. Mondal Mask for Dry Skin: For thin dry skin skin, use this mask to soften and supple. All you have to do is soak a little green gram with raw milk all night. Next morning, roll the paste-like dull and paint it on your face for 15 minutes. Rinse it and wash your face with a soft towel. This mask is very soft, but for those with sensitive skin please consult a dermatologist before using something on your face.

2. Moong Dal Face Pack for Acne: Moong Dal has cleansing properties, it does not clog skin pores with dirt and oil. If you have acne scars or pimple problems, you can use this facial mask. What you have to do is immerse a little Moong Dal in water and make a thin paste. Add melted ghee to the fabric and lightly massage with your fingers. For best results, please use the mask two or three times a week.

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Moong Dal’s face pack
Moong Dal is used to cleanse the face, remove sunburn and increase hair growth. Moong Dal Hair Removal Face Facial Pack: Chemical bleach is harmful to your face and threading is a painful technique. If you have facial hair you want to remove, this mask is a perfect remedy. What you have to do for this face pack is to soak some green grams in the water and crush it in the morning. Please add a little sandalwood powder or chandan powder with orange powder. You can also add milk to get a paste-like texture. Sometimes, massage your face with paste. After two or three applications, you can see a decrease in facial hair.

4. Moong Dal Face Pack for sun tan removal: Tanning is very common in the summer. Use this mask to correct the effects of UV radiation harmful to your skin. Immerse the LAD overnight and then crush to form a paste. Add baked cottage cheese or aloe vera gel to the dough and apply to the affected part for several minutes. Please wash gently and wash with a clean cloth. Repeat as necessary to remove sunburned skin.

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5. Moong Dal Hair Wrap for hair growth: squeeze some Moong Dal into paste to enhance hair growth, egg yolk, a small amount of lemon juice, yoghurt or cottage cheese. Mix the ingredients well and spread on the scalp and hair. Wash the package with a mild shampoo.

Moong Dal Pack For shiny hair: In order to shine the hair, mix Moong Dal powder, rose water, apple cider vinegar into paste and apply it to hair and scalp. Leave it for over half an hour and wash with a light shampoo.

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