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Tomato is for skin care: The method to use tomatoes for soft and supple skin is as follows

Tomatoes can help clean and clear skin Tomato turns dull skin and gives shine to the skin Tomato contains high concentration potassium and vitamin C
When it comes to skin care, tomato is one of my most popular and effective remedies for transparent and clean skin. These discreet and durable red balls are very effective not only for nutrients but also for healing and lightening of the skin.

Tartar in the natural world, tomato contains high levels of potassium and vitamin C. It transforms the most boring skin and restores skin glow. Tomato also contains lycopene which is an antioxidant that helps fight against free radicals in the body. Apart from that, it helps to treat skin problems related to aging and sun damage, making it an excellent skin rejuvenating agent. Due to the astringent nature of the corn, tomatoes reduce the excess oil on the skin surface, prevent the accumulation of oil, and reduce the risk of blackheads and blackheads. They have stenotic pores and help to tighten the skin, which greatly reduces the chances of getting pimples and balloons. This makes tomato a multipurpose and general ingredient for skin problems.

Tomatoes may have insomnia
Tomato is one of the most effective treatments for clean and transparent skin
Here is a wonderful tomato recipe that you can use to effectively treat the skin!

Reduce fat – Tomato is not only good for reducing fat, it keeps the skin cleaner. Raw raw tomatoes on your skin, wash for 5 minutes, please wash.
Regular oily skin care
Tomato is excellent for reducing smoothness

Reduce open pores – Tomatoes help to reduce open pores and darkening. Simply cut the tomato in two halves, rub them all over the skin and saturate the juice in the pores. It was left for 15 minutes and then rinsed.

Tomatoes help to reduce open pores and black hair
Working as skin fertilizer – Tomato serves not only as an astringent but also to awaken the most stupid skin. Mix tomato pulp with 2 tbsp. Add more soil and 1 tablespoon. Fresh mint paste. Please paint it on clean skin until you dry and see the magic. Your skin not only got lighter, but also refreshed and firm.

Tomato awakens the most boring skin

Tomatoes Detan with Tomatoes is ideal for reducing summer sunburn. Crush the tomato and mix your pulp with the teaspoon. Honey and skin massage. It not only helps to reduce sunburn, but also naturally reduces the drying caused by the strong ultraviolet rays of the sun naturally. Please immerse it for at least 15 minutes before it is too cold.

Tomatoes are ideal for reducing summer sunburn
It reduces the effects of sunburn – it not only gives tomatoes a cooler and fair appearance, but also helps to alleviate the effects of sunburn with Vitamin C and A loaded. Mix small buttermilk and tomato juice and apply it to your skin so that you can soak it in this magical fresh fresh one. Even if there is a rash, it smooths the skin and softens redness due to sunburn.

Tomato also relieves the effects of sunburn

Tomato Skin Toner – For skin care, most people do not recognize the importance of toner. Believe me, it is more than necessary. It not only keeps your skin soft and supple, it also moisturizes and glows naturally. 1 Take juice of cucumber and 1 tomato and put it in an airtight spray bottle. Spray tons of this tomato on your skin as you bring natural lycopene into vegetables that comes from outside and makes your skin look younger. This toner can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 4 days without getting bad.

Use essential oils on your skin
Tomato keeps your skin supple, soft and naturally moisturizes and gives a natural glow
Tomato Sugar Scrub – Mix two lemon with two ice cubes, 20 mint leaves and two tomatoes into the mixer peel. Take 5 sugar and mix well. Rub the face, neck and hand until sugar cereals melt. This powerful tomato sugar bark can be used to peel, cleanse, detoxify and nourish the skin naturally. Please use twice a week to get the best results.

Skin 650
The tomato sugar skin can be used to peel, cleanse, unravel and nourish the skin naturally

Tomato is used to lower blood pressure, knowing to prevent thrombosis and lower cholesterol, treat your skin with your daily care and use it in your kitchen for maximum health Give a profit. They are perfect for healthy bones and teeth and help to alleviate cell damage and tissue damage. In addition, tomato seed helps to improve vision.

So please bring tomatoes to the rescue and use it effectively for your skin care. Start immediately and experience the magical effect on your skin immediately.

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