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How to use garlic for hair growth tips and benefits

Since garlic is traditionally used for cooking, it gives a remarkable taste to dishes. In addition to that, it is known to have a medicinal effect to help cure various diseases. This amazing ingredient is more than just flavor additives and chemicals. It is known to be an excellent ingredient in hair care. For those who are facing hair loss, garlic is the answer. Hair removal is inherently unnatural. It is a sign of lack of body or imbalance. What does garlic have? Please let us know. According to a study published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, venerology and leprology, when 5% gel is applied to the area where depilation has occurred, hair grows at the hair removal site of the scalp. According to research, garlic sulfur and selenium can help strengthen the structure of hair shaft. Basically it not only helps the re-growth of hair but also strengthens existing hair.
Some advantages of garlic for hair growth are as follows:
Garlic has antimicrobial properties that help kill bacteria and bacteria that damage the scalp and inhibit hair growth.
Raw garlic is known to be rich in vitamin C which is good for hair health. It also stimulates collagen production stimulating hair growth.
The presence of selenium in garlic promotes blood circulation for maximum nutrition.
It also helps to clean hair follicles, strengthen pores, prevent constipation, and reduce hair loss.
Garlic relaxes the scalp and treats problems like dandruff.

Garlic for hair growth: Garlic has antibacterial properties to help kill bacteria and bacteria. How to use garlic for hair growth?

There are several ways to use garlic for hair growth:
1. Garlic and honey for hair growth
Put the chopped garlic and honey into a bowl and mix well. Apply this paste to your hair and scalp and work for over 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with running water.

hair care
Garlic for hair growth: raw garlic is known to be rich in vitamin C good for hair health

2. Garlic and coconut oil for hair removal

Mix slightly warm coconut oil and finely chopped garlic. Massage the mixture on the scalp and hair, wash for about 30 minutes and then wash.

Note: Only garlic gives a big punch, so you can irritate your skin. Therefore it is important to add something to reduce the risk of skin irritation. Do not use garlic for essential oils.

3. Garlic oil or garlic oil

We are not talking about essential oils of garlic, but oil injected with garlic is much more effective than essential oils. You can apply it the other day by adding garlic to one of the oils like olive oil or coconut oil, leaving it overnight. You can make oil of garlic even at home.

4. Garlic and ginger for hair growth

Crush the garlic and ginger and mix it to the dough. Now, heat the dough with carrier oil. As soon as the pulp turns brown, turn off the heat. When the oil is cooled, discard the pulp. Take the remaining oil and massage on the scalp for 15 minutes. Now cover the length of the oil’s hair and leave it for about 30 minutes before washing it.

How do you make garlic oil for hair growth at home?

Preparing garlic for home growth is an easy process. All you have to do is cut garlic with olive oil or coconut oil that matches your hair. Please put in a preserved bottle and keep it in cool dark place for at least 1 week. A week later, you can see it using your chain as garlic oil wonders.

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